Lotus On Air

I am very proud to announce that I have just launched my very own active wear fashion brand called Lotus on Air. Lotus On Air is a high-fashion active wear and fitness brand featuring Fashion Fitness Styles designs inspired by the 7 Chakras. Founded in London, UK. I wanted to create a brand of clothing that suited […]


I’ve discovered a charity project which is set up to teach young women a skill in the most deprived areas and currently in Pakistan where education isn’t an option and it’s called FIORE. It was set up by a group of volunteers who wanted to make a difference to women brought up in the slums […]

Water Rower

  Water Rowers are better than indoor rowers you have at your normal gym, the resistance is better and more likened to actual rowing, I loved shooting for this kit, really stylish equipment. Sold online and in John Lewis, if I had more $ I’d totally have one in my house. www.waterrower.com