Water Rower

  Water Rowers are better than indoor rowers you have at your normal gym, the resistance is better and more likened to actual rowing, I loved shooting for this kit, really stylish equipment. Sold online and in John Lewis, if I had more $ I’d totally have one in my house. www.waterrower.com

DHB Sports

 Here’s a shoot I did for DHB with an epic photographer, totally thought I hadn’t bagged this job because there were some good’n’s at the casting, but surprised myself when they picked me for the shoot, sometimes you have no idea what they’re looking for. Some nice patterned leggings in their collection.


This one was a shoot to remember, not your average casting. I was dressed as a jogger and had to pretend I was in a lift stinking of BO. I just imagined I was in a lift and did a big fart then gave a cheeky knowing smile to the guys dressed in suits in […]