About Me

I’m an actress and model, a polyglot, I laugh a lot and I am  forever hunting new experiences and challenges. Having traveled to 6 countries on my own when I turned 18, my thirst for discovering new cultures and learning about the world began. Combining my love of acting with projects abroad meant that I have been lucky enough to work in film in Paris and shooting Wonder Woman in Italy. At the age of twenty one I got my first role in Batman playing a young catwoman, although it was small it gave me a taste of the film industry and I have since been fascinated with the buzz of being on set and creating new characters. Throw in a new found love for training, modelling for lifestyle brands and a huge appetite (which had I not been training so much I would be obese by now) and you learn a little bit about me.


OK so, you might be wondering why I’m writing this? I want to share little nuggets of my life, the work that I do and offer opportunities to help give to those in desperate need of our support. I am talking about children in third world countries which do not have the option to learn, to discover and explore who they are because they are born into a certain world and fight to survive everyday. By marrying a healthier lifestyle for ourselves with offering money to indigenous communities we can enrich both our physical and mental well being, because nothing feels more rewarding than making someone happy right? Check out www.skipitcommunity.com to find out how.

Recently I have also been working on educational courses to help people find meaning, well-being and resilience at www.meaningfulpaths.com.


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  1. Amazing cause!

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