Training for the Amazonian role in Wonder Woman

The training in preparation to play an Amazonian was never going to be easy but I never imagined how much I would learn along the way. We trained for 4 hours a day Monday-Friday at Warner Bros studios where they built a gym especially for the actors in the DC films. I remember one day getting attacked by Jason Mamoa as he was doing bear crawls towards us when we first walked into the gym, and doing hanging leg raises in front of Henry Cavill and his beautiful dog, sweating profusely trying to push out that extra rep to try and impress him.. haha. This fun atmosphere combined with the girls I met made my work the best job in the world.




We trained hard, learning fight choreography with sticks and progressing on to swords and shields, then came spear work and learning to tumble and run in wedges without spraining our ankles, tougher than it looks. In the gym we trained with the guys from Gym Jones, famously known for body transformations. They pushed us hard and we worked competitively in teams doing circuits, heavy lifting and push / pull relays. Everyday was a new workout, the first three months we were bulking so I could eat 500 cals more than my BMR which was fantastic!! I had a field day with peanut putter jars and carbs, you name it, I was munching it. In this side of the training, we did lots of heavy lifting and minimal cardio, to build muscle and then had two recovery days which would be slow steady state cardio for a long period and about 100 turkish get ups. Foam rolling became part of our morning routine as we were sore every morning. Then came the shredding phase, as well as weapon training in the morning, we would do HIIT with our times to beat on he board, as well as pushing and pulling very heavy sleds in relays. AMRAP and EMOM workouts were constantly the base of our long circuits. This was not for the faint hearted anyone who showed any signs of weakness was out, so we pulled together and pushed each other. Before training began I could only do press ups on my knees and a few pull ups with the thickest band, by the end of the 6 months training I was able to do free standing pull ups and push ups.

I guess the most important thing I learned about this whole job is that you can achieve whatever it is that you want if you push hard enough for it. With the support of the other girls and our trainers Pete, Mark and Mario we all pulled together and pushed each other to our absolute limits day in day out, in order to achieve the change in our bodies aesthetically needed for the role. I learned a lot that mental strength and perseverance can get you far if the need is strong enough. I for sure felt the healthy challenging environment among such strong fit women.



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