Shooting for Adidas in Tenerife.


After having sprinted my way to the casting of this job I was not impressed to see the girl before me being asked to perform 4 x150m sprints to camera followed by a sprint around the track. Not only was I puffed out looking at her, but it suddenly clicked that I was going to wear those skimpy hot pants or dunning shorts as adidas calls them and I wasn’t going to fit in them, either that or my arse cheeks were at risk of giving the casting director a good eye full.

Fast forward a week and i’m jetting off to Tenerife with the girl that put me to shame in the shorts, we both got the job! As well as two other bundles of energy, I knew this was going to be an eventful trip when one of the girls packed a speaker for the plane..

5 hours and two connecting flights later we make it on Tenerife soil, which means another hours drive to location. The winding roads and beautiful scenery didn’t stop one of the girls from almost throwing up, we were exhausted! Once we got to location it was a case of meeting the team and trying different outfits until the clients were happy with the combinations. I wore navy leggings and a white sports bra  and white trainers which I was happy about because it was an absolute scorcher even though we were shooting by the sea!

After the fitting it was a case of a tapas dinner at this local restaurant, with the girls then back to the hotel to get our nails done and a semi-early night before our shoot the next morning, my call time was 5:40 which was a lie in compared to the others.

When we got to set it was a run through hair and make up, some jazzy accessories and out on location where there was a dolly, a drone and a camera mounted on a jeep. This was a big operation but I didn’t realise it until we got to location. We had to sprint under this open-air tunnel which had strips of concrete over it, creating shadows to mimic the Adidas stripes. It must have stretched about 250 metres – at which point I realised why they made us sprint so much in the casting. The director said over a speaker that we should sprint towards the truck in front of camera and peel off when it drives past us,  whilst looking like we’re racing and having a good time. I was just preying I wasn’t going to get run over! It was fine on take one but after take 4 I wasn’t sure how much longer I could hold this down. Luckily we got it after what felt like take 11. We then did some individual shots which were much less tiring, the usual doing up you laces, knee ups and close ups of the trainers – love those kind!

Lunchtime was a big paella with cast and crew overlooking the sea, under shelter as we were told not to change colour by the end of the day and it was happening with that sun!

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