Leading a healthy lifestyle

As a massive foodie (I love food, all kinds) I’ve realised since my teens how important it is to fuel your body in the right way, a healthy diet married with an active lifestyle can enrich your day to day energy levels and help with clarity of the mind. I eat to be healthy but I train to stay fit, mobile and strong – and for that I love it.

There are so many ways to motivate yourself, join a running club, a local sports club, classes at the gym or getting a gym buddy. For me, my gym buddy (who also happens to be an excellent PT) has really helped motivate me to train when I wouldn’t have bothered to do anything on my own.

The fun thing about London is that there are so many amazing studios with intense classes but on the end of the spectrum if you just want to rejuvenate and untap your inner Zen there are incredible yoga temples too. There really is a class for everyone, my personal favourites are 1Rebel, Core Collective, Bodyism, BXR and Fierce Grace to name a few. I like to vary my workouts with HIIT, resistance training and yoga and pilates for recovery and lengthening of muscles.


An excellent way to motivate yourself further is by realising that you can make a difference to an underprivileged child’s life by feeding them a nutritious meal at the click of a button. I always wondered how I could help children in poverty remotely from home and skipitcommunity.com is an incredible charity project which feeds a child in the slums of Pakistan. Just by skipping an unhealthy meal, a glass of wine or beer, reward yourself by helping to feed a child who needs to eat and who doesn’t have an array of choices in front of them. If you skip one vice, one unhealthy snack, drink or junk food reward yourself by donating to SKIP IT COMMUNITY.

For just £3.00 you can feed a child a healthy meal and feel the benefits of not eating that unhealthy food / drink, because as the compound effect shows, small changes daily make massive results in future. The great thing about skipitcommunity.com is that they send you a monthly newsletter containing evidence that your money has gone towards feeding a child, unlike many other charities. Also all the money except for the JustGiving charge of 5% will go towards feeding a child and any money left over will be saved for the following month to feed more children than the previous. In an ideal world children shouldn’t have to starve but this is how we can help make a tiny shift in a young persons life while also benefiting ourselves from over indulging and ultimately gaining weight. This is a chance for us to play a small part in brightening up someone else’s day who will rely on a decent meal to give them a brighter future.


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