I’ve discovered a charity project which is set up to teach young women a skill in the most deprived areas and currently in Pakistan where education isn’t an option and it’s called FIORE.

It was set up by a group of volunteers who wanted to make a difference to women brought up in the slums who have little or no access to educational resources or teaching.

Women learn to make arts and crafts or take courses in embroidery, which not only forms a gateway to new friendships in a safe environment but equips them with a practical skill that they can use to find work in and earn money for their families.


The thingĀ  I love most about this charity project is that it offers a safe-haven for women and gives a sense of community. FIORE also helps individuals set up and register basic legal paperwork such as National Identity Cards. This is invaluable when they might not have the financial means to do so themselves. Above all FIORE offers support to women in poverty stricken areas, in order to encourage them to feel empowered to take control of their situation and find work. Any project that encourages self-development in women has got my support!

The Acronym for FIORE sums it up perfectly:

FEMALE – who you are

INSPIRATION – for your life

OPPORTUNITY – to learn and love

RESPECT – yourself and others

EQUALITY – for all


Go follow them on insta @fiorecommunity and check out their blog for videos and images on how the women are getting on at

Fiore is not looking for money, but rather support for volunteers interested in helping out, so spread the word!

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