Water Rower

  Water Rowers are better than indoor rowers you have at your normal gym, the resistance is better and more likened to actual rowing, I loved shooting for this kit, really stylish equipment. Sold online and in John Lewis, if I had more $ I’d totally have one in my house. www.waterrower.com


This one was a shoot to remember, not your average casting. I was dressed as a jogger and had to pretend I was in a lift stinking of BO. I just imagined I was in a lift and did a big fart then gave a cheeky knowing smile to the guys dressed in suits in […]

It’s Competition Time

Win an authentic T-shirt from the film Wonder Woman 2017 owned by Amazonian Warrior Andrea Vasiliou.     . To ENTER simply share this post on one or more of your social media channels and enter your email address below.   . The competition close date will be 31st July 2017.   . A winner […]