IMPACT APP – Give to charity without having to dig into your pockets.


I cannot believe that there is a new app that allows you to donate to your favourite charity without even spending a penny! Yes I thought what’s the catch at first, but finally retailers are giving a little back to those that most need it. It’s a small portion but as the saying goes, every little helps.

How it works: So this app effectively acts like a boots card, all you need to do is download the App Impact for IOS or Android and register the long 16 digits on the front of your card (they don’t take any money from the card and it is just to register the card number so they can recognise your purchases). Select the brands you normally shop at, pay with your card as normal in those stores and you’ll earn loyalty points for the charity of your choice which = money!

It’s that simple, a 5 year old could do it, and the best thing is you can track how many loyalty donations you’ve earned every week and you choose when to send this to charities of your choice via the app. It has been founded by a philanthropist who wants to make a difference and encourage people to donate without having to break the bank. It’s a no brainer if you ask me. It only takes 5 minutes to setup and you’re in.

The brands include; Debenhams, Caffe Nero, Ernest Jones, Jamies Italian, Habitat, American Golf, Forever 21 and loads more. The app supports over 10,000 UK registered charities including Oxfam, Cancer Research, Age UK, Barnado’s, Action Aid, NSPCC and the list goes on.

This really is a chance for you to make donations without feeling like you have no money as you don’t get charged a penny. Go download it, I have :).

Follow the link to download at or search the App store: Charity Impact.



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  1. I drink coffee and help charity… love it

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